2020 Officer Nominations

The following slate was presented by the Nominations Committee. Member vote will be taken electronically and at the November 20th Thanksgiving Luncheon meeting. Please click here to Vote Electronically by November 18th.

I85N 2020 Nominations

President:                   Joe Silva (previously elected)
President Elect:          April Weaver
Treasurer:                   Alice Meeks
Secretary:                   Beth Harrell

BOD Position nominations                                                         

Past President:           Diane Wright 2020
Board Member:          Courtney Casper 2021
Board Member:          Lamar Roberts 2022
Board Member:          Keri Thomas 2022

Previously Elected to Board

Sandy Dimetroff 2020
Kyle Phillips 2020
Ron Wright 2020
Gwen Foernsler 2021
Kathy Wilbanks 2021
Dennis Curry 2021

GAR BOD Nominations

President:                   Joe Silva 2020
President Elect:          April Weaver 2020
GAR Director              Ron Wright 2020
Stephanie Stapler fulfilling unexpired term till end of 2020