Board Officers

2017 Officers:

President – Gwen Foernsler
President Elect – Lamar Roberts
Treasurer – Cindy Crane
Secretary – Dianne Wright
Past President – Ron Wright


Dianne Wright 2015-2017
Karen Benton 2015-2017
Ken Byce 2015-2017
Cindy Crane 2016-2018
Lamar Roberts 2016-2018
Courtney Casper 2017
Tim Cornelison thru 2018
April Weaver  2017 – 2019
Joe Silva  2017 – 2019
Melissa Lusk  thru 2018
Stacy Rucker thru 2018

2018 Nominations

Pursuant to the Bylaws of the I-85N Board of REALTORS®, the Nominations Committee has reported to the Board of Directors the slate of nominees for election to the Board in 2018. Additional candidates for the offices to be filled may be placed in nomination by petition signed by at least 20% of the REALTOR® Members eligible to vote. The petition shall be filed with the Association Executive at least two (2) weeks prior to the election. Electronic voting will take place prior to the in-person vote to be taken at the Membership Meeting on November 15, 2017. Click here to vote electronically.

President: 2018 Lamar Roberts (previously elected in 2016)
President Elect: Cindy Crane
Treasurer: Dianne Wright
Secretary: Karen Benton
Immediate Past President: Gwen Foernsler

Board Member: Stephanie Williams (3-year term / 2018-2020)
Board Member: Les Crane (3-year term / 2018-2020)
Board Member: Ron Wright (3-year term / 2018-2020)
Affiliate Board Member: Courtney Casper (2-year term / 2018-2019)
GAR Director: Lamar Roberts
GAR Director: Cindy Crane
GAR Director: Ron Wright